ZERO II mosquito

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  • BS10219
ZERO II mens Thong mosquito net ZERO II Herren Tanga mosquito Netzstoff... mehr
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ZERO II mens Thong mosquito net
ZERO II Herren Tanga mosquito Netzstoff
LYCRA/Spandex:  80% Polyamid 20% Elasthan

The NEW beachkini men's thong style.
Die NEUE beachkini Herren Tanga Generation

Backstyle: triangel- Back
Postyle: Delta- Back
Color / Farbe: black / schwarz

pictured / im Bild:
black - schwarz -
size / Größe: medium/ large - M / L


 Waist size - Hüftumfang

Some pictures show accesoires like cock rings. These are not part of our offer and are not included in the delivery.
Auf einigen Bildern sind accesoires wie Cock- Ringe etc. gezeigt. Diese sind nicht Bestandteil des Angebotes und des Lieferumfanges.

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Amazing g string

Feels so good on...its a shame customer's can't post pictures of your products..please amend this....I'm sure your customer's would like a buyers gallery

Admin 04.06.2021

We will be offering one in the near future. We look forward to many nice customer pictures.



What can I say....boy do these look good and are seriously sexy....I love them....only trouble is I get so eroused in the I tend not to fit well.....but I don't care....a must for anyone

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