We're starting our big one



Show us your favorite thong pictures from 2021
You in a sexy beachkini-men thong.

Whether on the beach, swimming pool or beautiful outdoor location.

Send us at least 5 pictures of you and your beachkini-men thong
On request, of course, neutral, without a face or with a pixelated face
On request, we can, for example, link your Insta profile

We will start our fan gallery in 2022 and you have the opportunity to be part of it.

And of course we will reward you for this.

Everyone who participates and submits at least 5 pictures,
receives from us a voucher worth

50 EUR *

(* no cash payment, cannot be combined with other vouchers)


Here are the rules for participating:

-Each sender confirms by submitting his pictures
- That the submitted images are free from third party rights
- That the copyright and usage rights of the submitted images lie with the sender
- That no persons are shown in the pictures who are not identical to the sender. Pay attention to any other people in the pictures
- The pictures sent in are available to beachkini-men (address in the imprint) and may be used by beachkini-men for their own purposes
- beachkini-men undertakes not to pass on photos to third parties
- With the delivery of the voucher in the amount of 50.00 EUR, the ownership of the sent pictures is transferred to beachkini-men
- There is no cash payment
- The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers.

 We look forward to a large number of participants!

 YOUR beachkini's

If you have any questions, just write to us at